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at Fintech Payment Solutions AG

We are currently looking for:


IT Project Manager (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote
(wee for future GmbH, 100% Tochtergesellschaft der FPS-AG)

You coordinate and lead, in cooperation with our development management, the development team (…)

(Senior) Backend-Developer (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

You will create secure, performant and stable backend services for the wee platform, improve the existing services and implement (…)

Backend-Developer Java (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

As a backend engineer, you are responsible for building and running our backend systems. You will collaborate with product owners, UX (…)

Backend-Developer TS (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement. Collaborating (…)

DevOps-Engineer (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

As a DevOps Engineer you are an IT professional who collaborate with software developers, system operators and other IT staff members (…)

Frontend-Developer Web (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

You will work on the wee web frontends in a crossfunctional team, improve the existing React based legacy frontends (…)

Frontend-Developer App (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

FPS is looking for a self-motivated front-end developer who works on the wee mobile apps in a crossfunctional team to (…)

Test Engineer (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

Your role as a test engineer is to thoroughly check materials, procedures and mechanical or electrical systems to ensure that customers get (…)

(Junior) Software Architect / Tech Lead (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

Review and improve the current wee platform architecture, on global and on project scale, extend the architecture to support the (…)

Product Management

Product Owner Digital (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

As a product manager, you will supervise and coordinate the further development of our FinTech platform. As a link between (…)


Compliance Expert eMoney (m/f/d)

Munich, Germany / Remote

You will be responsible for supporting the weeMarketplace globally and serve as the lead domain expert for eMoney regulatory issues (…)


Leopoldstraße 244, 80807 München 

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