About us

Fintech Payment Solutions is an investor for investments in area of financial payment technologies and blockchain in Europe.

The focus of Fintech Payment Solutions is the provision of venture capital for start-ups and fintech companies in the expansion phase. Fintech Payment Solutions AG aims to provide active and long-term support for its investments. In this respect, Fintech Payment Solutions AG supports its investments in their respective development phase with its network and know-how.

Currently, there is a unique opportunity to benefit from the innovative changes in the financial markets and especially in financial services products and their distribution channels. New, technology-driven business models, ideas and services are entering into serious competition with existing market players – building on the massive technological progress of recent years. Our goal is to position Fintech Payment Solutions AG as one of the leading investors in Europe in this field.


The Fintech Payment Solutions AG team – both the management and the shareholders – has many years of experience in the development of electronic payment solutions. This experience together with an innovative, solid and efficient approach to building new 


business concepts, solid and efficient approach to building new business models and, above all, combined with an entrepreneurial approach, is the basis for establishing a fast-growing, technology-based fintech company.

The new standards of digital payment

Mobile payment technologies

Digitalization, innovation, transformation, cybernetics … the future is already in full motion and we support you in the implementation of your ideas.

Optimum protection

Cooperation with established and reliable financial payment partners ensures the perfect protection of your company through professionalism and know-how.

Innovative safety

The demands of the digital age with disruptive technologies and cyber risks are huge. Therefore, security for our customers is our top priority.

Mobile Payment

With Fintech Payment Solutions, fast and convenient payment is guaranteed!